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Biloxi/Gulfport peeps

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If anyone is in the Gulfport/Biloxi MS area and wants to meet up feel free to PM me. I am down here for school for the next three weeks, and have no clue what there is to do.

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yo!!!! i am from that area and will be flying down this weekend. its for a bday party for my best friends kid but i am gonna try and get away and go hit the casinos or possibly bourbon street. there really isnt much to do there these days but the beau rivage just opened back up, that used to be the big place to go party at. see if the brew pub is opened up. other than that there are a bunch of small bars and dives to go to that you really wouldnt know about unless you are a local. you can also look at going to three rivers on the weekend, there are usually alot of ppl out there partying. mobile is also pretty cool
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