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speedgirl said:
I bought my boyfriend a Two Brothers M2 from MRI last week and installed it right away. Just wanted to let everyone know this is an awesome pipe and its WAY louder then everyones bike we've ever rode with (at least 40 different bikes). It looks very good too. And I've heard people say they have a problem getting it on straight. We didnt have that problem. Just follow the dang directions and itll be perfect. No remapping necessary either.

Thanks to EVERYONE at MRI for the super fast shipping and totally awesome price. You've got my business from now on.
Beg to differ, ANYTIME you add something that alters the flow of intake, exhaust, or change timing, or whatever!!! You need w remap to get the MOST out of it. Two Brothers to me is the same as a D&D, a disposable cheap exhuast with nothing gong for it but looks and sound
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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