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brembo master cylinder yes/no

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Money's not the problem, but I'm just wondering if I should just get new pads first before I get the brake kit. I already have SS lines.
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Just get a stronger right hand and save the money :p
Do you race?
Yeah, if you race. You wont be able to get any winnings from Superstock class :p
And if you dont race, why would you need that much braking power??
I track my bike and have the brembo master and rotors. Awsome. So awsom that Wera is banning them because of the advantage they give to riders with them.
I've got the radial master cylinder and stainless lines.. and honestly, the stock master cylinders and lines are already focking awesome. I would say it's completely unnecessary unless, as some people mentioned here, you're racing.

here's a second question as i dont want to start another thread and waste....

should i try to sell my clutch shortie crg lever and get a normal length one? my friend told me motogp uses long levers...
You'll be fine with both the CRG shortie clutch and the stock brake master cylinder. If anything, buy the hrc pads from Dan Kyle (866) 667-4925 Toll Free and some nice brake fluid..
I was going to do the Brembo MC on my RR, but got a great deal on a stock Brembo MC like the one on my R1. I'm going to Frankenstein that together as soon as I get custom lines made.
Aftermarket/upgraded master cylinders are more about "feel" at the lever, than outright braking efficiency. You will definitely notice more of a performance improvement with lines and pads than you will with a new blingy MC.

My front brake system consists of SS lines, Vesrah RJL pads, and a Brembo radial MC, with stock rotors. The Vesrahs were hands down the most noticeable improvement in *braking efficiency*. It took me half a trackday to get used to them (coming from EBC HH pads previously), I was floating the rear end up in the air so often. For me, the value of the Brembo (mine is a 19x18) is in the feel at the lever -- it's given me much more confidence to trail brake up to the apex. Whether "feel" is important enough of a factor for street riding to justify a $300 purchase (it'll be close to that amount by the time you add all the little things you'll also need) is up to you.
I have the lines already and I'm pretty sure Im running some aftermarket pads, but I think its time for a change.

How are those Vesrah pads? Are they the best? --If not, what do you guys recommend. I will take the advice and upgrade the pads vice the MC. (Which on ebay is only 230+sh)
I absolutely LOVE the Vesrah RJLs, and those are the "cheaper" pads (if you can call $90/set "cheap"). Their premier pads, SRJLs, run $150/set, and are widely considered to be as good as the reknowned HRC pads, if not better. Here is how my Vesrah distributor describes the two:

"RJL: harder backing plate and more initial bite than sintered metal pads
-- great for the racer on a budget as well as most trackday riders.

SRJL: linear feel, the more you pull the lever, the more bite - you will probably scare yourself silly the first time you use these pads, they bring the bike to a halt RIGHT NOW! Don't buy these unless you are ready to spend $150 for pads from now on because you will not be able to settle for anything else in the future! You have been warned..."

What I cannot tell you is whether either of these pads are suitable for street use. All of the people I know running these pads are fellow racers. For street use, I think EBC HH pads represent a good compromise in performance and streetability.
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Yeah I was about to say I need something more for street but that will do me good in canyons.

Edit: ^ Are these the ones you are talking about?
Great explination quasi888!
quassi and I have the same exact setup and I (funny enough) have the same feedback he does.........
raoke said:
I ordered the ebc HH sinister from mri just now...
Good choice. Hope you remembered to order 2 sets.... :)
Yeah me too lol, Ill call up Nick again...

Edit: (2 min later) Just like that, Nick came through is getting me rears as well. I guess I did forget =P
Mri is the place to go guys...
raoke said:
Yeah me too lol, Ill call up Nick again...

Edit: (2 min later) Just like that, Nick came through is getting me rears as well. I guess I did forget =P
Mri is the place to go guys...
Actually, what I meant was, two sets for the front. One for the left, one for the right.
Oh, I thought that was a given? I figure Nick would know I want both, but again Ill ask him.
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