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ok so i replaced my stator cover like 3 weeks ago and since then only rode like 3 times. well last night i went downstairs to put in a screw and noticed that there was a loose piece near my stator cover, so i ended taken it apart and noticed that a bracket that is connected to the stator cover and that is used to hold the screw that connects the fairings together was not connected, so anyways i notice i had some oil in the under belly of the fairings and was like what is this felt around and noticed it wascoming from under the stator cover. well i took it apart and noticed that i did not add sealant my fault well and ways bought some today put it on and started to put the screws in and tighnted them, well read that the torque for those was 10lbs was not going to do it, was just going to hand tight it but i torque it, the bottom and top sh1t they snapped so now what i dont want to take it apart yet cause i put on the sealant so want to wait. i just hope see that maybe there still connected to the frame part, and if so should i leave it or just go buy new ones. or what do i do
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