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I feel that I must share my experiences with you all.
I stumbled across motydesign ( browningbuck) while looking for a suitable gear indicator for my RR.
I contacted Browningbuck and made arrangements to send my gauges to him.
I chose to use DHL as my courier. They promised me that the shipment will reach BBuck in four days max. Exactly one month later... it was still in customs !!
Needless to say , I was not impressed.
Bbuck was always more than helpful, always answering all my dumb questions and even took it upon himself to query my shipment with US Customs.

He was so apologetic with me for having to wait so long for my stuff that it amazed me. Here's a man that is sorry for something that isn't even his fault.He even told me that he would throw in some extras for me because I waited so long.. What a guy !!

When he received my gauges, he completed the work almost immediately and sent me the proofs . Judging by the pics, the quality of his work rivals anything I have ever seen.

I can't wait for my gauges to reach me.

As a reference , I can vouch 110 % ++ for Browningbuck and if anyone is contemplating a gear indicator, please don't hesitate going with Browningbuck.
He is a shining example of flawless business practice with excellent personal attention.
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