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Welcome to the Buyer's Corner!

This forum is for you to post up the details of a bike you are looking to purchase in order to get a second (or more) opinion of how good the deal is.

In order for you to get the most informed opinion possible try to post up as much information about the bike you are looking at as possible. Things to consider posting are obviously price, model (doesn't have to be a RR), year, how many miles it has done, any links to auctions and or classifieds style sites, pictures etc.
Essentially the more information you give the better we can help.

The 100 post minimum count does not apply in here, this is to allow new members to find out about their upcoming purchase.

Please create your own thread instead of jumping in on someone else's.

When you title the thread, put the year, model, miles and location in it.
This will allow other users to quickly identify bikes that are the same model and so on when they are doing their research.

For example:

03 600RR, 15k miles, PA
84 XR200, 7500 miles, OH


1. Only threads relating to the purchase of a bike are allowed in this forum.

2. Under no circumstances is any advertising, be it in a new thread or an existing one, allowed. Any member found using this forum to sell anything at all will have their access to the classifieds removed indefinitely and may be subject to a ban.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.