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buying a used bike

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Hey, all.

I'm going to check out a bike (2005 CBR600RR) this weekend. The price seems right and from what I've seen so far it is in great shape. As I said, I'm going this weekend to take a look. What should I check/inspect? I've considered just taking it to a nearby dealer to get it inspected...but I wanted to hear some opinions. Any tips on buying a used bike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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if the seller won't let u test ride it, walk away.
ww73 said:
if the seller won't let u test ride it, walk away.
I don't think that this is good advise. I wouldn't let you ride my bike without you giving me the asking price in cash (see post about stolen bike today).
Ask the seller if he has the maintainance records. Meticulous attention to detail with record keeping will indicate that the bike was PROBABLY maintained well. Check the chain for proper lubrication and tension. If this is good the seller is probably going to do other maintainance as well. Look at the condition of the oil in the window on the right hand side of the engine. Is it black or is it nice carmel brown? When was the last oil change? Listen to the sound of the engine. Does it sound even @ idle? Check the condition of the tires. If you see excessive wear you can take some $$$ off because you will need new tires. Is the bike generally clean?

Anyone else got any good advise for this guy?
ww73 said:
if the seller won't let u test ride it, walk away.
no offense but that's the stupidest **** i ever heard

I wouldn't let anybody test ride my bike unless they have cash afront and make a agreement saying if the motorcycle is damaged due to his/her fault, it will be covered under their money.
How often do you have to get an oil change???
jjanaya21 said:
How often do you have to get an oil change???
It all depends on how you ride your bike. Trackday guys and racers will change their oil alot more often than every 3000 miles, like recommended by Honda. I usually change oil every 2000 miles or so, depending upon how motivated I am.
Thanks! I know its a noob question.
If you like the bike upon first look and are still concerned about its condition, ask the owner to meet you at a local shop where you can pay to have someone take a once over at it. If he wants to sell it and he is reputable he won't mind.
See if the outward appearance seems clean. Then ask the owner to remove the seat and see what it looks like under there. Get under the bike and check out the oil filter, drain plug, etc. See if the "Inerds" (beneath the plastics) are as clean as the stuff that's easy to get to. Check chain tension and sprocket wear (rear will be the easiest).

Ask questions like "how do you change the oil" and see how detailed they get (or don't get).

Check out the tires. If they've got a lot of wear on top, but still have chicken strips, you've probably got a squid bike. Not completely bad, but a flag in my book nonetheless.

Take the oil filler cap off and see if there's dirt on the rim of the cap (inside).

If it's dirty, so be it, but if it's clean deep inside, you've got an owner that cared.

Thanks. Good advice. I think I will have it taken to a shop for a once over just in case. The bike looks good cosmetically, and the guy seems very trustworthy and did not seem to have any problem when I told him I wanted to have it professionally checked. I'm just playing it safe rather than sorry.
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