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I wanted to put down some of my experiences in prepping and buying your CBR. I think, this also applies to buying any kind of street motorcyles.
  1. How much dough do you have? - This is the most important factor. You should not just take the bike cost into account. The other costs that are involved and are very necessary are:
    • Gear - Decide on your gear. $1000 can get you decent gear and you can splurge on more expensive gear depending on your taste. Don't neglect gear. Good Helmet, gloves, boots, jackets are must if you want to enjoy your ride in a safe way.
    • Insurance - Make sure you search in the forum and shop around for quotes for your bike before even buying the bike. You don't want to get a big $$$$ quote after you buy the bike.
    • Utilities - Cost of Cleaning material for your bike, essential mods like frame sliders, bar sliders, and swingarm sliders, rear-stand so that you can work on your bike, bike covers and locks(if you park your bike outside) should also be taken into account.
    • Bike Cost - After you have taken into account the above expenses, you can easily decide how much you have to expend on a bike.
  2. Information - Before even landing your foot in a dealership, arm yourself with information. Forums are the best place to find info. The basic info that you should have are:
    • How much can you negotiate? - Though the price of the bikes varies across the country, you can find out a lot about the negotiation amount from the forums. Search the forums and ask around and that will give you a rough idea how much you can get a bike for Out of the Door (OTD).
    • Financing - Credit unions provide very good rate. So, loans through your dealership is not the only option. Check out other financial options other than the dealer provided loan.
    • Dealing with Dealers - Never tell the dealer that you are looking for a loan before deciding on the price. First nail down the price with the dealer and then talk about Loan.
    • Think outside of the state - There maybe opportunities in 300 mile radius for you to save a lot of money. For example, some dealers in Tennessee provide very good deals. If you can borrow a truck or afford an Uhaul, don't miss on such kind of killer deals.
  3. Now what - So, now you are ready to buy your bike. You have all the info and you zeroed down your dealer.Go and sit on your bike. If you have some riding experiences, some dealers have specific days when you can ride their bikes. This will give you an actual feel of the bike. If you don't have gears and you loaned gears from your dealer, you will know a lot about sizing and comfort.
  4. Buying time - Choose a day and time when you expect less traffic. Give yourself at least 4 hours of time. So if you decide to ride the bike home at 2 PM in the afternoon, get at your dealership around 11 AM. The paperwork and after that the battery charging of the bike and all checks on the bike by the service department takes some time. If you are hauling your bike, then you can do it anytime.
  5. Insurance - You should have insurance on the bike before you buy the bike. The dealers will give you the VIN of your bike and insurance agent just require the VIN , Model, Year and Make to provide you an insurance on the bike.
This is just my .02 on how to get your sweet ride. Please feel free to add or modify this information.

Happy riding
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