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Theres lots of threads here suggesting not to bother or that the bleed is really difficult, Im yet to finish the job but figured it might help people to share my experiences,

I bought the Hel set of braided lines, due to the fact I was also installing rearsets the rear master cylinder to connecting block hosewas too short and I returned this to Hel and had them extend it 45mm, (standard peg postion on my rearsets was 20mm short with 25mm of rear ward adjustment)

Fitting the front lines is fairly straight forward, the problem comes with the rear, getting access to the rear valve unit.

As you can see its hiding deep with in the bike, the way I got access was to remove the full exhaust (also helps access to the front power unit which is behind the headers), with the exhaust off I then removed the rear shock and let the swing arm drop nice and low, this provided enough room for me to get the hoses on to the rear module,

at this point ive only done a manual bleed but have some feeling in the leavers, I intend to follow the long bleed process with in the next week or so, I have fairly good access to all valve units and pumps as the bike is fairly torn down,

Bleed process found here

to access for a full bleed ive removed
  • Full Exhaust
  • Rear Wheel
  • Rear Shock
  • Tank
with all that off I think ill have plenty of room to bleed the system, I will try to get pics or maybe even a video of where everything is to help anyone considering doing this,

Alot of people have been scared off doing this level of work on an ABS bike, but ive taken mine apart bitby bit over a week or so and its not given any rear problems, I wouldnt recomend trying to rush through it in a day,
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