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My roommate is trying to sell his F4 for parts. He originally bought it for a stunt bike but decided to purchase an F4i instead. We completely disassembeled the bike except the engine which is why he doesn't want to sell it as a complete. Everything is there and it runs smooth, it just takes up too much space with 7 other bikes in the garage. The left fork is bent but the right one is fine. As for the parts, let me know what you need and he will let you know if we still have it. As of today, 4/22/2013, it is still complete.

PRICE: Not sure. I know the requirement is that there needs to be a declared price but since it is the whole bike in parts, he doesn't have a price for every item. His words "make me a reasonable offer and its yours. As of right now, it is just wasted space and it holds no value. I am not going to wait for the 'highest bidder', I just want it gone. ". If this is not ok, let me know and we will try and figure something out.

1999 Honda F4
Black tank
Silver frame/subframe
There is an extra swingarm as well.

Its not stolen or salvaged. We have the VIN for you to verify.

We are located in San Diego County.

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