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Carbon Jardine on Yellow-pics

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Just thought I'd post these even though exhaust has been installed for months. Never got around to posting these.
Rear pegs are now removed and seat cowl installed.

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The carbon really stands out against the yellow, looks good.
It wont look like that long..
mtc said:
Carbon fiber degrades with heat and the elements. I think that's what hes getting at.
When and if mine doesn't look good anymore.............I'll buy a new one. Simple.
love the bling of the stainless end cap. does it still look that good? do you polish it? if so, what do you recommend?
The pipes hold up great if you maintain them. Only about 500 miles on mine. After each days ride, I just wipe it clean with a soft cloth. i use Honda Polish on everything.......even metal. Works great on carbon.
Just wanted to add that carbon resists the elements alot better than aluminum.
I'll give it a try... there is a shop down the street. Thanks! :cool:
Looks nice, I originally bought the Jardine CF slip but ended up taking advantage of Nick's sale and bought the Yoshi instead. The Jardine got snapped on E-Bay in no time..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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