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***Specifically TRI-R owners***
I am looking for help on an issue i am having. I wasn’t sure whether to post this in Trouble shooting or the model specific forum, so moderators feel free to move it where you see fit.
I recently purchased a set of TRI-R’s from a member here (see post) , the post states “I have a set of lightly used gold Tri-Rs. They are very lightweight compared to stock. They come with the cush drive and all spacers. They will fit a 2007-2013 CBR600RR. According to Luke McCracken at Core Moto, the rear wheel will fit many bikes with some hardware changes (which can be purchased from him). These wheels were barely used. They are basically brand new.” Herein lies my problem, after paying for the wheels and receiving them…
1. 1. The front wheel is missing the spacer on the right side, so I am unable to mount them.

2. The rear did not come with the rear sprocket carrier (can be purchased thru Core moto…so that isn’t really an issue).

Although I brought these for a decent price…I am going to have to come out of pocket for pieces that I assumed would be included according to the post. I realize that I am semi at fault on this for not making sure “everything” was included prior to sending payment. I reached out to the seller only to be told he has no other parts available. I see a previous post here (and here) from him in attempt to sell the wheels about a year or so back and the carrier and other parts (that I am now missing) are visible. I have been reaching out to Core-moto to try and work out what can be done to get spacers and I am being told the wheel is discontinued, they don’t have the measurements for that particular wheel and custom spacers would need to be made in order to use (they have been more than helpful so far so their hand in this isn’t an issue, it’s just becoming a hassle with the back and forth to try and work out the sizing). I have no way of getting the exact measurements needed in order to center the wheel correctly and get those to them. As we all know the wheels are pretty significant part of the whole deal and being off a few MM could be a big difference in operating correctly. I don’t want to send them the wrong measurements and mess something up.

So I am reaching out to any Carrozzeria TRI-R owners to see if they can measure the spacers on the front wheel so that I can get a set of spacers made so that I can mount. As of right now the front wheel is an expensive paper weight (and a huge learning experience) if I can’t get this sorted out. And there is no sense in mounting the rear if the front inst on as well. Core-moto has offered to make the spacers if I can get the sizes to them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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