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I picked up a CBR650F today. As it's not a 600RR I hope posting this here isn't too off-topic, but there really aren't any 650F forums that have a lot of members yet and I'm trying to stay in the Honda family.

At any rate, the bike is new with 2 miles on it. It hasn't been damaged in any way. I put it in my garage when I got it home and it started leaking fluid on the floor.

It's leaking from a box on the left side of the bike just behind the kickstand. The fluid is clear/yellowish and it appears to be coming from a machined hole so it could be that this is totally normal. Here are two photos:

I'd appreciate any input on this before I call the dealership tomorrow.

Thank you for your help!

UPDATE: I called the dealer and they said it's a condensation drain hole on the exhaust. Apparently if the bike is started up and doesn't run very long some condensation can build up and that is the drain. So it's normal, no problem with the bike.


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