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I have a 04 600RR with around 20k on her. When I picked up her up, she sounded great was owned by a prior Navy electrician. Guy was pretty meticulous about his work.

Fast forward to me. I consider myself pretty mechanically inclined. When I first got it, I noticed the infamous CCT BB's in can or slight rattle when reving. I decided to have a shop install a APE CCT on it, while it was there for a valve check and tires.

I'm pretty sure the shop overtightend the CCT bolt on the tensioner, when I rode from the shop I heard and noticed a high pitch almost R/C car sound. Upset, I decided to finally do my own work on my bike. ( Which I always do now) I backed out like a quarter of a turn. Decided that sounded better, rev'd the engine and listened for any timing chain slap and locked the lock nut down with thread locker. Fast forward to almost a year later. I've had a strange " buzz" while in gear throughout the RPM band 3-5k+. Some shops just sit there and rev it and say it sounds " normal" without riding it.

It has gotten persistently louder over time. I've tried redoing all my adjustments to basically a fresh install with almost zero pressure on the CCT then turning it a quarter turn and reving. These adjustments had very little effect on the noise. The engine rev's strong in my opinion. Ironically about 90% of the noise disappears when I clutch in. Someone suggested a noisy " clutch basket" or the springs.

I'm considering just taking out the clutch and inspecting the timing chain guides myself. I've noticed strange semi-metallic black pieces in my oil that was picked up by a magnet. Not good. I'm hoping it's something else.

1) What's the best way to inspect the timing chain guides?

2) If the guides do infact need replacement, is it possible to sneak by and replace them without a major tear down?

3) Should I consider having a shop do this? Or is this doable by a DIY weekend mechanic. My experience level is doing brake jobs on my motorcycle, oil changes, radiator flushes. I've worked on BMW's doing programming and valve cover gaskets, and spark plugs, etc.
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