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I've posted here a few times before. To recap a long ordeal, I've had a " buzz" throughout the RPM band which I initially thought was my APE CCT either being too tight or a damaged guide. I took apart the clutch cover and inspected the lower portion of the guides, I don't see any damage or shreds of plastic. I even used a endoscopic camera to look further up into the head ( best I could) I don't see anything of note.

Now I'm moving onto clutch basket springs rattle and the " shudder springs " on the back of the primary drive gear. From what I recall those springs are supposed to be tight and not loose. I'm considering removing the entire basket to confirm. Anybody else ever deal with this?

When I clutch in 90% of the noise disappears. You can rev the engine and hear it faintly. I would describe it as a drone/buzz underload.

Bike is a 2004 CBR600RR with 20k on it. ( Mine)

Video for reference: ( not mine)

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