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True story- I've been a post hog recently, but the crew here on is priceless. you guys have great info, and insite making a few little things in my life easier. hope to return the favor

So due to a constant nagging desire to improve the ride, I opted to do the 520 conversion kit. Drive Systems 15 tooth, DID Chain, and a Drive Systems 45 rear...

my last bike almost lost the chain mid ride (fortuanlly, I heard the master link clip hit the ground before roll out... (and it was installed correctly) so I won't go down that route. I want to get the rivet set correctly/cheaply if there is such a thing. I've spent a good 1 1/2 hours going through threads, ebay, etc to find the tools, and then I read that someone used a nail punch to push out the rivets

has anyone heard of someone using a nail punch to set rivets on chain clip?
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