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Changed sprocket, problem with shifter!

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We are putting on the pivot that goes from the shifter to the shifter shaft and we tapped it on with a hammer (lightly) because it wasn't lined up. When we tapped the shifter shaft slid back and the bike won't shift. When we pull it back forward it shifts properly. However, when I start the bike it sounds like metal is grinding. We took the clutch cover off, but am not sure what to do next.

Am I f#!#%@ ??

Please help!
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Next you need to remove the clutch and the clutch basket, then you need to replace the little piece of metal that you bent the crap out of with your hammer...
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Yep, you aren't the first to do it, and won't be the last. My track bike has a locking collar on that shaft so that it can't move inward. I can bang on it all day long. Not sure why there isn't one there stock.
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I wasn't sure which forum was appropriate. Thank you for the fast responses guys. Is there a specific name for that part? I have so much to learn with doing my own maintenance :/
Cheaper here

Except the shipping for less than $150 is $10.50, so find out for what the other guy posted. OR try They have the best shipping prices
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Or you can just make one yourself, there is plenty of clearance behind there to make one that won't bend quite so easily...
I'll see about making one. My friends race cars and they are pretty damn good with this kind of work. Thanks again!
I'm having a similar problem after lowsiding at VIR last week. I have to pull the shift shaft out about an inch to shift gears. In the stock position it does nothing. Hopefully the same problem, but the other way. Perhaps that $3 part saves the transmission from catastrophic inputs.
Nope, chances are that its the same problem the same way around...

i have exactly the same problem, i searched for the part, but the links are broken... do you have a working link for me? thanks a lot!!

Best regards,
People, you need to stop hitting your bikes with hammers
Thanks a lot, Nico! :banger:

@ wibbly

i bought that bike used, it had some km on the racetrack. I don't know, what the previous owner done with that... recently i installed a "gilles tooling" shiftholder, during the installation, i recognized that problem
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Damn ill have to make a note of this and maybe to a locking collar like the x suggested. Is there a grove on it for that or a cir clip?

Edit google search for the win. Does the locking collar bind with engine tho if its touching it when you install. If that makes sense..
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