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We have recently decided to add some rules to the classified section. This will be effect immediately.

1. A picture of the item is required at the time of the posting. NO EXCEPTIONS. None of this "i'll post up pictures later" or "PM me for pictures". Your thread will be closed if there are no pictures.
2. A price must be set at time of posting. No "make me an offer" pricing allowed.
3. For all motorcycle sales, a VIN is required.
4. A sign must be included in picture of item. The sign should have these (3) things; user name, and todays date. (This rule would eliminate a buyer receiving a part he/she bought and it not be in the condition the picture shows).
5. When you are selling several items or multiple items, like wheels or anything that goes in sets, pictures must be taken with each individual item by itself showing any damage.
6. Sellers are not allowed to require buyers to pay paypal fees they would incur. Sellers should include that in their price. This also protects the seller. reason being, if paypal gets wind of sellers doing that, they can shut their paypal account down.

All these rules in addition to the existing rules and requirements for classified section must be followed. If they are not, your thread will be closed. Please feel free to make any suggestions you may have.

thaghost :banger:
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