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Charging question for those of you with an 03 or a knowledge of the problem

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ok when i go out to start the bike when its cold it cranks ......descent

when ive been riding for a while and go to crank the bike ......Im biting my nails and praying

oh ive had the battery maybe 4 months ....its the same $100 damn dollar battery that comes on the bike luckily with a years no question replacement

1)is this the 03 rectifier problem?
2)Explain the rectifier?
3)can I replace it with a 04-06 one to fix the problem?
4)or is it a heat shield/ battery thing?
5)is a battery tender the same thing as a trickle charger?
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its the 4 month old battery WTF how is that other battery any differnet? voltage ccamps or what?
2)It converts Stator AC power into DC power
3)An 04-06 one will work
5)Yes and no... the two will slowly charge your battery, but a tender should know when to turn off - a simple trickle charger may not.

It sounds like your battery is not charging while the bike is running - which would explain why it starts up ok after sitting say, overnight - the battery has had some time to generate and store some juice on it's own. The thing to test is whether or not the battery is receiving enough voltage to charge while the bike is running.

Place your voltmeter on the battery while the bike is off... it shoud read anywhere from about 12.5 volts to about 13 volts. Now start the bike and hold the RPMs at 5K. The manual states that charging voltage at 5K RPMs should be 15.5 volts.

If the charging voltage is OK then it's your battery. If it's not, then you will need to perform some resistance and voltage tests with your multimeter. (Pages 17-9 and 17-10 in your honda shop manual)
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i luv u man (previous statement should not be aqward)
bike off battery @ 12.8 vlts
running the voltmeter in a circuit bike off 10.9vlts
1.9vlt of leakage (within spec)
battery with bike running @5k rpm w/ h beam on 14.0 vlts

page 7-9 says "battery vlt in off posistion < charging vlt @ 5k w/high beam < 15.5 vlts"

Not AT 15.5 so mine is within spec but not at the 15.5 you suggested..... is this the problem with the charging system, specfically the rectifier?

all though i feel like the bike is holding a good charge just not when i pull over and everythings REALLY HOT heat= bad for battery?
no...most likely you have been cruising with it below 5k rpms...the battery or the Regulator rectifier doesn't charge the battery unless you are above 5k..that's why you test about 5k cause you won't get anything below that.
tweak, if you go back and redo the test again and record the voltage at idle through 5,5k rpm you'll see that the alternator is still charging. You only measure at 5,5krpm because that's the peak capacity of the system or worst case scenario.

Regardless of the test results I would buy a charger w/ a built in regulator so it won't overcharge the battery if left on overnight. Charge the battery every 3-4 months and the problem should go away. The sad truth is no matter if the system is perfect you still need to charge the battery every so often to keep it conditioned.

I consider anything below 13.0v (bike off) to be low battery voltage. A good battery should be around 13.5-13.8v when fully charged. If it gets below 12.6v it won't crank sometimes especially if the starter and battery are already hot. And if it drops below 12.4v you can forget it.
Any one else experienced staring

With a 03 rr, when I ride around the city (stop & go), and go to the gas station to fill-up, it would not crank over. Then I the key to ON, the radiator fan starts, and it will not start.

I will be check for the voltage to determine if it is the battery or the charging system. But if someone had experienced this, if they can let me know. Thanks in advance.
i hate to bring it up again, but the 03's don't like to be ridden around with the high beams on. seen it more than a few times.

BTW, i still have my 03... never had an issue with it.
hey tweak mt... i was wondering if you resolved your battery issue ... i dont mean to hijack this thread but i didnt want to create another that would eventually say the same stuff (i know this topic has been beaten to death) .... the results i got from my battery are pretty much exactly the same as yours - the battery is not even 1 year old too (i replaced the stock yuasa with a himura equivalent). i went away for two weeks in july and ever since then i've been having trouble starting the bike, so now i keep it on a trickle charger (12V 750mA). does anyone know if this is enough? honda manual says 0.9A standard charge ...

with the battery on a trickle charger i can crank the bike over about 4-5 times before the gauge cluster resets and i checked out another thread and it seems this is due to a large voltage drain. i'm guessing my battery needs a good charge and im thinking that the trickle charger isnt really boosting the charge at all ...

honda manual says quickcharge - 4.5A (1hour) although my question is: what would happen if i charged the battery using a car batt charger (6.8 Amps Cont. DC)? will it cook/kill the battery? or can i just use it but for just a short amount of time (ie. 30 minutes?)

i took it to a workshop to get it load tested today ... and they seem to think that its ok. although i would like to hear from other 03 owners with regards to voltage tests at engine idle of 5,500rpm.

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mudokan, Don't use anything larger than a 1amp charger. Have you checked the battery voltage with the bike off? What about at 5,000rpms w/ high beams on?

Check out this thread for more details on testing the R/R.
yeah battery voltage with the bike off is around 12.5V-12.8V (using an analogue multimeter) and at 5000rpms with high beams 14.0V
Bought a 1amp trickle charge

Problem: solved
mudokan said:
yeah battery voltage with the bike off is around 12.5V-12.8V (using an analogue multimeter) and at 5000rpms with high beams 14.0V
Your battery needs charging. Should have @ 13.5v when it's fully charged.
hmm ok, you would think that my 0.75A trickle charger should do the trick right? maybe theres just not enough kick in it to boost the batterys charge. hmm looks like i gotta go out and buy another charger ... unless there are other alternatives?
How long did you leave it on the battery? What's the peak voltage when it's charging?
didnt have time to measure the voltage whilst the the trickle charger was attached ... but its usually on the battery over night or for at least a couple/few days inbetween rides. i spoke to a guy where i bought the battery from and he said that the plates may be heavily sulphated and that a boost charge may "loosen" it up ... i guess i'll try to get it to him to see what he can do about it ...

but NewRedRider, i read your post in the following thread ... ... your battery stats seem like what im getting. was this a problem for you and did a new r/r fix this?
got an 05 rectifier, haven't had a problem since... but i also don't ride with high beams on all the time, just at night.
how difficult was it to swap? just unbolt unplug and rebolt replug?

how much do those R/Rs go for
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