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Charging question for those of you with an 03 or a knowledge of the problem

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ok when i go out to start the bike when its cold it cranks ......descent

when ive been riding for a while and go to crank the bike ......Im biting my nails and praying

oh ive had the battery maybe 4 months ....its the same $100 damn dollar battery that comes on the bike luckily with a years no question replacement

1)is this the 03 rectifier problem?
2)Explain the rectifier?
3)can I replace it with a 04-06 one to fix the problem?
4)or is it a heat shield/ battery thing?
5)is a battery tender the same thing as a trickle charger?
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mudokan said:
didnt have time to measure the voltage whilst the the trickle charger was attached ... but its usually on the battery over night or for at least a couple/few days inbetween rides. i spoke to a guy where i bought the battery from and he said that the plates may be heavily sulphated and that a boost charge may "loosen" it up ... i guess i'll try to get it to him to see what he can do about it ...

but NewRedRider, i read your post in the following thread ... ... your battery stats seem like what im getting. was this a problem for you and did a new r/r fix this?
I still have the original battery and R/R. Both have 23k miles and over 2 years. Charging the battery every few months is what solved the problem.

Does your charger have a built in regulator? What was the voltage on the battery after you charged it?
Man, I hope recharging does the trick. I don't have the exact same problem of it not 'cranking over' once it's been ridden to hot temps.
I've had 'bogging' problems at higher RPM's (anything over 4-5k). When this first happened in March/April, I bought a new OEM battery, and problem was solved. Now it started the same problem last week, and I charged the battery (yes, the new one), and the problem hasn't come back (but the charger was stating that the battery was good)...but then again, I haven't really gotten on the throttle very hard either (since the problem can buck me off the bike).

So, I've been doing research, and it doesnt SEEM like the rectifier. I'm trying to see if it could possibly be the stator? I was cruising cbrworld, and someone said that the bike is supposed to stay on even after you disconnect the negative terminal (like a car)...which, my bike shuts off right away. ???
Clean your ground cables. Especially the one on the left side of the frame.
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