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Hello everyone !

I`ve been a proud owner of a 2003 600rr since last week. I really enjoy the bike, unfortunately it wasn`t too long before my first problem with it arose.

I spend considerable amount of time browsing similar topics but I couldn`t find definite answer. So the problem itself:

The bike has difficulties starting when hot - when the fan kicks in in particular.
Even when cold, sometimes when cranking it doesn`t sound like healthy battery. So far - easy solution - new battery. Problem however is that the previous owner claimed that he changed it last year. Therefore I decided to take some readings and my observations so far are:

1. Battery was changed in 2012 - so its 2 years old now
2. Battery is a shitty brand I`ve never heard of

HOWEVER - the charging readings are also suspicious:

Bike off, ignition off - 12,6v
Ignition on - 11,8v
Bike running @1300RPM - 13,4 - 13.6v
Bike @5000RPM - - 13,6v
Fan on idle - 12.8v

My previous bikes have always shown above 14v on idle/reving. And the fact that the voltage drops that much when the fan kicks in is also concerning.

It appears that if I run high-beam and fan on it will actually drain and not charge the battery in slow traffic...

How do you find these readings ? Do they look ok ?

I was considering changing the battery with high quality one but now I`m starting to think that the problem might be the R/R actually and not the bat..

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks everyone in advance!

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