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So let start with, my stock battery lasted me 7 years and 30,000+ miles.
Then I switched to a MOTYDesign Battery last year, and only put about 2000-3000 miles on her, and at the end, when the bike would get warm, it wouldnt start. I would have to push start it. Then I would have the clock reset on starting it sometimes.
I talked with Brian and he said the batteries are more temperamental and thinks I might have an overcharging issue.

I just ordered a new stock battery (should be here Friday). I also have a regulator/rectifier from an 05 cbr 600rr with low miles (had for a few thousand miles). I have HID's (on a switch so I can keep them off while starting), blinkers, and a PC3 (all for many miles problem free).

I just want to know how I should go about chasing down the issue if there is an issue. Starter, or stater? I put the multimeter from the two terminals with no battery and I got infinite resistance with the bike off so I dont think it is draining anywhere.

Also the battery didnt just die. It started fluxing up and down and acting very strange and hold very little. I just want to make sure I dont do that to my new battery. I'd like to get 7 more years out of it with good solid cranking power and no more clock resets or trouble starting from a hot start.

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