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So last October/November I ordered a projector kit with the halo lights from ktautoparts, I received it in great time and had very little trouble figuring out the wiring diagram. All worked well with the exception that I had no idea where to tuck all the wires it came with (personal problem).

During the installation I noticed that the wiring kit itself was very flimsy and cheap. 3 of the thinner wires came off very easily when pulled on lightly, it didn't bother me too much and only took about 10 minutes to splice the wires with a better connection. Anyways, today I was relocating the ballast to hide the wires and somehow ended up removing one of the wires that connects to the halo lights. And for the record, I was taking my time with lots of caution and not pulling the wires for any reason. When the first 3 wires got removed I wasn't too upset because I could just disconnect the opposite end and splice them together, but it isn't an easy task to do now with the halo lights. The whole reason I purchased the kit was because of the look of the halos, now I'm currently stuck with just one.

Although I don't like the idea, I'm sure my only options are to either remove and disassemble the kit to access the projectors and reconnect the halo wires or live with just one on.

I'm not saying the company sells bad products, I may have easily just received a weak kit. But this is just my experience I would like to share with the community. I loved the fitment and result from the lights, but honestly wish the build quality would have been at a higher standard, especially from their wiring kit.
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