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Cheap Track Club in the NJ/PA area?

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I am looking to get into track riding, and wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions for a cheap track day group in the NJ area?
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Nesba runs at NJMP quite a bit, excellent group to ride with. TeamPromotion has a bunch of days there as well. Never ridden with TPM but I know a few people that speak highly of them.
Yeah team promotion is going to be the best bang for your buck as long as your get the "full throttle" membership.
Thanx guys, I have browsed both sites and yeah TPM does have the better deal, I think if i can get to an event or 2 before the end of this year, i will better be able to decide if the bronze, full throttle or the titanium membership is the way to go.
ive riden NESBA for a while, great org. I havent tried TPM but am considering it because NESBA doesnt run NJMP this whole month, and TPM has some better prices for the weekday dates
Also Roger Lyles group Motorcycle Xcitement at Summit Point puts out good TD's.
You could always run Beaverun with Motoseries depending how far into PA you want to drive. They also run Nelsons Ledge which is about 45-1 further across the OH border
Absolute Cycles does a bunch of NJMP days as well (they also share some dates with Nesba).
you can do the two free sessions with nesba to see if you like it first. when i did that no one else signed up so i got my own control rider which was so helpful
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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