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I haven't the slightest clue what these are, but I'm posting here for a friend of mine.

She has 2 Cochella Music Festival Tickets, which I believe is this coming weekend, for both days PLUS camping. Retail value on these is $215 a piece. She's willing to take best offer. Tickets located in the LA area, but i'm sure we can figure out a way to get them to you if you want them.

She's a really sweet girl, so I really hope nobody here takes her to the cleaners too badly, but she really does need to get rid of them.

Email her at [email protected], and tell her Joseph sent you.

*edit* Between her and her friends, she has FIVE (5) tickets she needs to get rid of. She figures it'd be easier to sell in pairs, but really, she only needs to sell ONE (1) (her own). So yeah, if you wanna just buy one, that's cool.
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