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I know this has been asked a lot, and I have read the post. I get so confused though as to where to buy fairings. I have probably chased 100's of web sites looking for a good deal on street fairings, for a decent price.

Here goes;

I have a 1999 CBR600F4. The owner before me layed it down and totally destroyed Upper/Both Lowers, and tail section. There were many other peices too, but they were replaced before I got it. I need all plastics replaced.

Here is where I get confused;

Most ALL the sites that advertise selling body kits, use the SAME PICTURES! It is irritating to say the least. The reason is simple. If I buy a set painted, and it gets to me with a few small scratches, I can live with that. If it gets to me and doesn't fit, I will not be happy. Scratches happen. Not fitting is misleading!

So, which sites are reputable? Nicecycle seems good, but the same pictures are used on most other sites. I have read way too many bad things about ebay hong kong stuff. I have read both positive and negative reviews on Cheetah and Sharkskin kits.

I want the kit as close to stock looking as possible.

Thanks in advance, Kevin.
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