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Hey guys, so my bike has been spewing coolant out of the overflow tube after riding for a while and turning the bike off. I very recently performed a coolant flush as follows:

1) Drain reserve tank (did not remove hoses).
2) Remove drain plug, remove radiator cap and let coolant drain.
3) Install plug, fill radiator with distilled water (reserve empty).
4) run bike for 3-4 minutes (radiator cap on, reserve cap off).
5) remove plug and drain water.
6) Repeat 3-5 until clear.
7) Fill radiator to neck and reserve to upper line (after emptying) with coolant.
8) run bike 3-4 minutes while blipping throttle.
9) top off as necessary.

When riding, bike runs at normal temps but when turned off, leaks coolant from overflow.

Removed fairings to find reserve tank full and coolant below filler neck (not visible when radiator cap is removed). When I remove the cap, I can hear pressure releasing and more coolant is pushed through overflow so I don't think it's a faulty cap.

This has been going on for a few days when I have been able to ride and did not happen with the previous coolant. I'm worried that coolant is not being cycled from the reservoir back to the radiator and is instead just being dumped out the hose. I've checked for pinched hoses and don't think it's the thermostat as the bike only has 2000 kms on it and again, didn't have this problem before flushing. Where did I go wrong?

Any input is appreciated.

I refilled the radiator and once the coolant reached the top, white chunks of paste came up the the top. I removed everything floating and ran the bike until the coolant boiled over. Throughout the process the coolant level fluctuated a few times and eventually turned milky just before it started boiling over. I'm pretty sure there was a plug in the lines somewhere as after I replaced the radiator cap, the reserve tank was sucked dry. Anyway I've topped everything off and will run the bike for a few days and see what happens. Could this be oil getting into the coolant? or could it be from 6 year old coolant?
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