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))))your help is needed, get paid/get fed & get to see the bikes closer than you've ever dreamed((((
USARM has been calling folks directly they're struggling so much to locate peeps to help with this event. PLEASE get ahold of ted as instructed below & go to our historic track in monterey. just DO IT!!!!!!

FIM Superbike World Championship returns to Monterey July 11-13, 2014

i'm not ted, i'm ~dodge; ted sent the email i've linked below due to still needing another 80+ workers for event July 11th thru 13th
it's [email protected] our legendary epic one of a kind Laguna Seca racway. bring your bicycle/s & ride around track thurs. friday evening to get to know it more intimately. that's a secret many racers perform; biking the track & making notes about each corner entry & exit other little details that assist people acquiring lap records & further fine tuning their race craft :banger:

baz gets top row of the podium, cluzel takes second @ silverstone race. i suspect if hayden can get on an aprilia/kawi/maybe even honda & win. if not there's something wrong with our former champ. no one but stoner can get those DUKES to turn........ & the panigale, what a disappointment, the 1198 is still a better bike :cruising:

:shakehand USARM is the FIM supplier of turnworkers & support staff for MOTOGP as well. 70$ a day paid cash after sunday shift
"I’m looking for workers to work WSBK at Laguna. I still need around 80
more workers. If you worked MotoGP and didn’t sign up for WSBK and want
to work the event, just e-mail me, no need to fill out the same app. If
you are working WSBK and know anyone who wants to work sign them up. It’s
going to be staffed the same as MotoGP, so I need around 300 workers.
Don’t worry about the deadline for the apps, I’m taking apps till I’m
full. E-mail confirmations are going out this week, so check your e-mail
if you signed up for WSBK. I’m trying to get the WSBK worker list posted
on the website. If you are not sure if you signed up you can drop me an
e-mail and ask. [email protected]


days are long, prepare to work from around 6:30a.m. til sometimes as late a 6pm :( but from one of the best seats trackside you'll ever have the chance to get. & they do try & get us off track as soon as feasible. some of it is FIM doing whatever they want...........
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