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could be my next helmet

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I found this pic and love it. Can get it in red/black,yellow/black and silver/black. What do you guys think. It is called SR4 and it is based off of the RF-1000.
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not really my thing. I bought Honda leathers years ago (thank God someone trashed them for me ;) ), never again will I buy leathers or a helmet with a bike manufacturer name on it, what if you decide to share the garage between your 600RR and a Aprilia Tuono, you'd look goofy in a Honda helmet and feel you spent that money unwisely.

This will be my next helmet... the OGK FF4

and I'll be an authorized distributor to sell them...
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Shoei makes a rock solid product in my opinion, so I'm sure the Honda deal is high quality. I have a Shoei RF900 DuHamel and a Arai RX7RR along with a couple of HJC CL-12's but the OGK's really got me fired up. Every review I've read is excellent and they're among the lightest helmets on the planet. I can't wait until the shipments start arriving.
The Shoei because it fits my head best.
The Arai isn't made for my head shape (I'm more oval than round) so it's strictly a backup helmet for hotter track days. The HJC's sit in the closet and haven't been used for years.
According to the SNELL website, OGK is approved SNELL M2000. As good as it gets in the USA.

The SNELL list was updated 12/2/03 and it has OGK's listed as approved.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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