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could be my next helmet

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I found this pic and love it. Can get it in red/black,yellow/black and silver/black. What do you guys think. It is called SR4 and it is based off of the RF-1000.
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I just ordered this helmet today, and am looking forward to having for this weekend. As for the quality, the SR4 IS A Shoei RF1000 just with a different color scheme that happens to match the RR colors. I have been using my roomates RF1000 for the last month and have been really pleased with the fit and it's ventilation. However, I have only used two other helmets for short periods of time so I cannot compare it against an OGK, KBC, Arai, ... The main reason I chose this helmet is because I have noticed quite a few riders with the red/black/white Shoei RF1000 Storm and Voltage models. This helmet matches the bike and according to my dealer, it is the first one they have sold.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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