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CRAP ! screw in rear tire !

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well i was just checking my tire today and guess that loud "thunk" sound the other day was this stupid screw lodged in my rear tire. I just bought my RR about a month and a half ago. I only put 1,111 miles on so far. The freak'n tires still look new with plenty of tread. I couldnt find any real good info about tire repair so plz dont flame me about the search button. Should i go get it patched up or should i buy a new rear tire (i really dont have the cash to buy a new tire) ??? any suggestions ???
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werd mang!
If you are gonna get new ones I'll buy your old ones.
im most likely gonna do the inside patch but let me see how much its gonna cost compared to buying a new tire. ill let u know mikespike2
....out of curiosity do you stunt, track (canyons), or cruise?

I ask this only because you want to plug your tire...and I suggest only Stunters plug tires and maybe the average joe who like to ride around and doesn't put many miles on the bike.
SLAPS808 said:
+1 got a nail in my tire after like 900 miles and i saw this thread i haven had a problem with the plug yet
I just plugged mine about a week ago. Holding up just fine. Granted, I generally just ride from point A to point B. No real canyons or other twisties in Central IL...
i havent done any canyons nor tracks but i would like to start going to the canyons with my buddys. I just ride to work and i dont stunt (just like to watch stunters ).

mikespike2 pm'd about selling my rear tire.
teleinfoncarr said:
+1 got a nail in my tire after like 900 miles and i saw this thread i haven had a problem with the plug yet
I wouldn't put my life on a plug. Just because you haven't had a problem doesn't mean you won't. True, many times you can ride a plugged tire all the way to the end of the tire. are on two wheels and when things go wrong you wouldn't want it to be because you cheaped out on buying a $130 dollar tire and now you have yourself to thank for being in a wheelchair the rest of your life. Think about it...plugs really are for temp use only. I plug car tires all the time, but that is a caged vehicle with 4 tires. If I get a nail or screw in my tire when it comes to the CBR...a new tire goes on. And the idea of risking the condition of my new CBR all to save $130 bucks...not worth the gamble.
Just went through a similar situation. I bought a new Pilot power for the rear not long ago, and caught some glass the other day. Needless to say, it really blows to spend that kind of money, and have to buy another tire, but I went ahead bought another tire. I just would not have the peace of mind, but then again my tire damage was worse than a screw in the tire. It could have been patched/plugged. I would replace it if you have the funds. I personally couldnt ride around at ease, especially at speed, and feel comfortable. By the way, this time around I went with the Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier, and so far its great.
dont be cheap...get a new tire...

time to upgrade to some PP
Get a patch and plug. I had about 5g miles on a plug/patched tire with no problems.
+1 for kidmoua.......This is not your 4-wheel down still have three to go!

one down on your bike @60...70...80+ mph and your FUC*^%!

just my opinion.....REPLACE IT!
Update from last post...

A few days ago I was riding. I got back I was taking my gear and crap off. When, out of the corner of my eye, what did I see? ANOTHER NAIL IN MY REAR TIRE. CRAP! One plug I'll do, but now it's time for some tires. Just thought I'd rant for a minute.
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