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so my bike wouldnt turn over, and i was getting a jump (i usually just push start but i was late for class) anyways.

wires got crossed(not on my end, i should have checked but i figured the guy could match colors, bad idea) sparks flew, and now nothing works when i turn the key!!

i checked all the fuses and relays and everything is cool, so i tried charging the battery and nada. push started it for shits and giggles and it has and eratic idle and the guages all went haywire lighting up and turning off and what not, cant even get an accurate response from the throttle.

i have a power commander i disconnected the negative end to see if it would solve the problem. nope.

any ideas, please don't say ECU :help:, ... because that sounds expensive.

i was also thinking is there an inline fuse somewhere else on the bike? i only checked the fuses under the seat (big green one and ones in fuse box)


ECU's are about $850...and sadly that's what it sounds like.
But, before you or anyone else goes into jumping to that, take your battery out and take it to be load tested. It could just be that your battery is done for.
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