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Hello guys,

I own a 2004 CBR 600 RR european model.
The previous owner installed a Power commander V with an Quickshifter without installing it.

So I brought it to a dealer and they connected all the wires and loaded a mapping in it so it works fine now but today I was wondering what mapping they put in out of curiosity.

The mapping they put in was from the dynojet website and it is the mapping for a bike with the following specs: ''2003-2004 Honda CBR600RR Yoshimura RS5 full exhaust Stock or aftermarket air filter''
I am wondering if this is the correct mapping or maybe I should put the one in it for the full arrow exhaust system because I have got arrow headers....
The dynojet website also has specific mapping for a german model??? but this is for full ARROW/HRC exhaust and O2 sensor eliminator kits

Btw there are two Yoshimura full exhaust system mappings on the dynojet website but the values are very different. (Difference is in the title: 1 for 2003-2004 model, the other for 2003 european model) problem is: I have an european model from 2004:ponder:

Maybe someone already has a mapping for an 04 with arrow headers and yoshi slip on?
Or should I just try all the different mappings? The difference will probably be hardly noticable because I am not driving on a track with similar conditions....

I know the best thing to do is putting the bike on a Dyno but I live in the Netherlands and I don't have any shops nearby me with a dyno.

My bike and setup:
2004 600rr (so with o2 sensor bypass)
Arrow headers
Yoshimura RS5 carbon slip on + midpipe
K&N air filter

I hope some of you guys have tackled this issue before me and I look forward to the response!

PS these are the mappings available on the dynojet website for reference:

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Don't get caught up in a name. It all depends on how the fuel map matches up to your bike. The only map for your bike is a custom map made for your bike. So either pay for some Dyno tuning time or try any map you can find and see if it works for your bike. None of the pre made maps will be perfect but some will get you close.

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