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I just want to put my experience out there. I will still buy from CycleGear in store, but very likely not online ever again.

I placed an order for a helmet, upon receiving it. It was too small for my liking so I returned it and ask for a larger size along with an extra visor.

Upon receiving the second helmet, they have forgotten to take off the security tag on the chin strap, and my visor wasn't in the package. After talking to the customer service, CycleGear no longer carry the visor and didn't bother to contact myself nor give me my $40 back?

At this point I was very upset. They offer to exchange for another one, and refund the visor $12!? They explained because I used $25 of gift card, and when I explained to them that I have applied the gift card to the helmet, not visor, they had to talked to their supervisor and waited 3 days to contact myself back for the $40 refund. And even with the $40 checks (for some reason they don't send the money back electronically) there was a week wait period for it to be issued.

When I finally have everything sorted out, I asked to explained my disappointment to the supervisor, the supervisor didn't seem to care that I was not happy with they service and was not concern that I will not use CycleGear online service again.

This REALLY shocked me, because I have been loyal customers to 3 different Cycle Gear stores, and the impression I got was they are VERY customer centered...but that online service isn't.

With that said, I LOVE going to the store and I LOVE the people working at the stores, but I think those people behind the phone are not motorcycle riders.

Thanks for reading!
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