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Hey everyone,

Got a Dainese ZAG Jacket sized 46 EURO / 38 US for sale here.

- Perforated cowhide
- Non removable liner
- Removable armor in shoulders and elbows
- Full waist zipper for attachement to pants
- Inside breast pocket
- Two outside pockets
- Suh-weet Dainese styling

Again, as with a lot of the gear I buy, it is a bit too big for my 5' 4" frame. I'm a sucker for good looking shite, so I bought it when I was in the store anyway. Now I've finally admitted to myself that it's too big.

Wore it a couple of times. Still fresh and minty. It's a summer jacket, but I don't even think I wore it enough to leave sweat in it. Now it's yours for $400 OBO. I bought it for $500, btw.

Some stimulation for the eyes:


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Why am I the only one replying to this thread...LOL. As if you don't already
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