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Hey guys, I looked at the dates for bike week, and I'm seriously considering going for the end of it. I get out of class (senior at BGSU) Thursday March 4th at about 6pm. I have one class on Friday, which I'll skip. I can stay Thursday night at a friend's in Florence, KY.

I would like to roll out of Florence at 8am Friday. From there it's 890 miles to Daytona Beach. I'll need 5-6 fuel stops. If I don't eat, and spend only 15 minutes per stop, I can make it to Daytona Beach right around 11:30 Friday night. That's assuming no traffic issues...which on my last trip to Florida was not the case, there were a bunch of traffic jams on I-75. I'm thinking on the bike I can shoot up the middle of some of them :)

What do you guys think of this trip. Anyone along I-75 crazy enough to join me?

Here's a BIG one -> tips for making this CBR600RR rideable for 16 hours? I did 10 on it and could barely walk, and I'm only 21! I'd love to make this a group ride and we could save some money on a place to stay in Daytona!
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