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Devil exhaust

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Will it matter if I take the heat shield that runs right above the canister off?
Will it hurt any plastics or wiring?
I just put the devil carbon fiber sb2 on my 06 600rr
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Just take it off man, I have been running my carbon akra w/o the heat shield for over a year w/o problems. Carbon pipes tend to be a lot cooler than stock anyhow.
congrats on the pipe, I love the way the devil looks and sounds.
Ive put 2000 miles on my jardine with no heat shield on no problems at all.
Yea take it off. It won't hurt any off the plastics or the wiring. I have the Devil Carbon pipe on my bike and the canister actually stays fairly cool. Cool enough so that you can touch it.
How do you guys like the devil exhaust? How's the sound? Any clips?
i have a two bros and i took the heat sheild off i havent had any problems with it con grats on the pipe
i willl have pics and hopefully a sound clip ready sometime tomorrow...

i love the way it sounds. i pulled the baffle out and its got a really nice throaty sound to it.
very few people leave that thing on. plus u got a cb exhaust which should reduce some heat. u should be ok just make sure no wires are close to that thing.
Hey man, where are you at in Pa? I'd like to hear your exhaust, not that I'm thinking about changing anytime soon but heard alot of good things about devil pipes.
You be fine, now get some pix up already!

I like it but it looks a little too long.

Sick Can

Still Have The Monster ?
Alright got a question for you. Did you install your exhaust yourself or have a shop put it on? On the Devil website the pictures show the can sitting more flush than yours does. Any thoughts?

of course the pictures are of an '03-'04, maybe that has something to do with it.
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A friend of mine owns a bike shop...we put it on at the shop...he told me hes heard of people cutting part of the pipe and rewelding it to cut it down so it's even with the tail...i suppose if you modified the bracket that supports the canister itself then you could tuck it under the tail tighter...

i was worried about how far it stuck out but when you see it looks not sure the pictures do it justice.
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