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2007 Honda CBR600rr track bike

15k miles on odometer, track bike since 11k.

Stock motor (valves checked at 13k miles, everything in spec)
Stm slipper clutch
Leo Vince ti full system
Power Commander 3
Ohlins 25mm fork cartridges (setup for 175lbs)
Ohlins ttx shock (setup for 175lbs)
Gpr stabilizer
Vortex clip ons (plus spares)
Vortex rearsets (gp shift)
Yoyodyne fairing stay
Double bubble clear windscreen
Gb racing case savers
Woodcraft frame sliders
Geared -1+3
Pirelli sc2 slicks (plenty of rubber but over 2 years old)

This bike is dialed! Hate to sell it but I have not been to the track in over 2 years and at this point I don't know if or when I will be back. Kids are 5 and 3 and I just can't seem to justify the cost of trackdays. Getting my moto fix on the dirt bike these days. Have struggled with the decision to sell because if I ever did make it back to the track this is the bike I would want to be on. Ugh! Anyway, no chatter, good drive, super stable platform. I will post some pictures and videos to prove how well this bike works. That stm slipper clutch is amazing, I don't know how people ride without one. Suspension feels good is confirmed by the tire wear, looks great, see pics. I have done 9 trackdays on this bike. Was a track bike when I bought it. Has been down twice that I know of, once before I got it and once by me, see video of my lowside. I have a clear BLUE (off road) title. Because of that you will not have to pay taxes at the courthouse when you put it in your name.

Bodywork is not perfect, as usual, it is worse than it looks in the pictures however it is structurally sound. Belly pan has been cut out for exhaust pipe clearance, would need to be reworked for racing. I use zip ties instead of duzs fasteners on the bodywork. Needs header pipe retainer springs. Had an exhaust leak develop the last time I had it out at cota because the header slip joints into the fittings where it is bolted to the cylinder head and it had walked out a bit. I missed one session getting everything reseated then rode the rest of the day with no issues. There is hooks for spings but they did not come with the bike when I got it. That was the only time I had that happen but I would still try to source some retainer springs before I rode it again. Needs a fresh oil change. The bike is NOT drilled and wired. Can include tire warmers if needed.

Pictures to follow. . .

$4000 obo

call or text 903-four zero seven-5843
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