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did my highest wheeliE EVAAAAR!!

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so yah, im way confident now. and i let it get pretty high...well it got so high today i let off the engine and normally thats enough to bring it down...well it did nothing!! it coasted for about 2 seconds. then i got scuuured so i tapped the rear brake and it came back to earth. i swear the thing was in low earth orbit. hahahaa...scary stuff. anywho, just lettin you guys know..

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That would be the Bp, enjoy it the next time.
Congrats man..Now I want some pics though, lol...
hahah i remember that feeling. first time it feel like the bike is gonna go back.
lucky i cant get to bp im still tryin
no..that wasnt balance point, the bike was actually falling backwards it seemed. i guess it was it. but my god...i was waiting for my bike to scrap, i seen guys at balance point and i know for a fact they werent that high. the bike just slowly was creeping backwards. with ZERO throttle. not some...but none. the thing you do when you panic from going to high. yah. it didnt phase the bike at all. hahahaa
it's prolly not as far back as you think it was. if you had a pic of it you would see what i mean. scrape the pipe on that bad boy, that's waaaayyyy back there.

nioce work tho, keep up the practice. that feeling you got, is the bike in BP. you'll get used to it.
i guess so. i was sitting down in 2nd. i have a tank mount camera on my bike. and when i do wheelies on that, and pass objects like bridges or telephone poles. you can tell its at about 80 degrees from the ground. and from seeing pics of other people, thats balance point. as im seeing your sig right now ceph, thats about how high i get my wheelies. this one was just way high...coaster high. ahhahaa. im getting so comftorable now. i guess this was another break through. im just kinda learning (sad to say) to shut off my brain and have no fear...just wear your gear. ha. annnywho. i guess with more practice it will come. not bad for someone who's been ridin only 5 months :) IN TOTAL
Good job. Be careful. Use your brain and rearbrake.
When it starts to feel good is when its time to back off a bit.
it felt scary, and normally when it does that. i let off the throttle. and then it comes down a lil, then i give it more. then it comes back, and i normally let off again. this time. nothing happened. it slightly went back farther. it was def. on the back end of BP. hehee.
WERE THEM BARS way over ya head...? (if u were doin a sitdown)
i got that a few times and they feel like superwheelies..
ride on buddy big up
This is hangin out right around bp...forks shold be near parallel with ground... pic may have been snapped a lil early here but you get the point.. its WAY up there on this bike

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^^ Sweet photochop
it was certainly higher than that. the bars were of course over head. lol. it was scary as hell! did it again the other day. my throttle control is gettin really good too. soon i will be rockin em
balance point is more like this....

BP all depends on how fast you are going. the slower your going, the higher it's gonna be.
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Ya even my sig is on the low edge of bp. at least u have the reflexes to hit the brake im sooooooo bad i nvr use the break i mean i can do it when i want but not instinctive yet
damn ceph, you left me in the dust since i havent ridden in a year and a half!! dont worry, when i get another 600rr, id be rockin it like that!!

and yeah, for most people, what youre showing is a 12, but that is a balance point for 1-2 mph.

damn you!!
that's a pic of Pete. not me. i don't have many pics of me, i'm usually the one takin them.
Ceph said:
balance point is more like this....

BP all depends on how fast you are going. the slower your going, the higher it's gonna be.

hows this?

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