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Difference between CA and 49 state bike?

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So what is the difference between the CA bike and a 49 state bike? How do you know what bike u have :?:
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CA has lower hp do to stricter emissions laws.
How can you tell??........Is there a sticker somewhere on the bike?
The lower cowls are different to allow the emissions **** to have enough room.... I bought a lower on ebay that turned out to be cali spec and it didn't fit at all....

Dave if you bought your bike in cali then it's a cali bike, if you look near the rear wheel on the bottom there is a canister which is full of charcoal. 49 state bikes don't have that.
This is everything that is different:

Having said that, the only thing the DMV knows is different is that there is a sticker under the rear seat that says the emissions are legal in CA. They do not look for (or even know how to look for) any of the stuff mentioned in the above thread. Show 'em the sticker and you're good :signhere:
DAmn I'm so happy. I Thought i got an Cali Bike from New york. THanx for the info :bounce: :bounce:
IM damn dealship been getting Cali pec bike for some dumb ass reason
My damn dealship been getting Cali spec bike for some dumb ass reason

Damn Sorry for that didn't mean it (same post)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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