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disc lock problem

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i just done stupid thing. i accidently forget to unlock my disc lock. is there any reminder to solve this problem??
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theres a reminder cable, usally a bright color, that some locks come with which goes from the lock to the clip-on, if yours didnt come with one you can get it at a shop.
they sell a coil that connects to your disk lock up to your cluster to remind you that its there... i just put something on my ignition to remind me...

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A cheap way to remind yourself is to take a piece of bright coloured cord, or nylon rope and tie it to the disc lock, and then lead it up to the brake lever or throttle grip, and loop it around.
Failing that why not put the key for the lock on your motorcycle key ring?
It may, or may not help you remember.
I find a cable lock is much better, its heaps more visible, and can be looped around the rear swinarm, of course it's not always convenient to carry this around though.

I have had the misfortune once with a previous bike of leaving the disc lock on when taking off, the consequences had me -- :banghead:
Hope this helps.
seriosuly, eff disc locks. i dropped my bike because of one. and when u think about it, if someone really wanted ur bike, all they'd have to do is pick it up with 2 or 3 guys. soo get a chain lock.
Get pays for itself..peace of mind you can buy...
hmm what about the disc locks with the alarm on it. when the bike moves the alarm goes off. right?
sungsung said:
i just done stupid thing. i accidently forget to unlock my disc lock. is there any reminder to solve this problem??
Easy, don't use one. I mean c'mon that is about the most worthless deterrent for a bike thief. You might as well get a fake flashing LED and that may even scare them off more than a disc lock. 90% of the time they just pick the bitch up and throw it in the back of a van/pickup. It isn't doing anything better than what your steering lock is doing.

On the other hand I have a super thick Motorcycle chain/lock (I forget the brand - you can only get a key copy made with your serial number) I tie to my bike and my trailer if I have to leave my bike on my trailer overnight at a hotel. Still not 100% proof but I'd like to see what hacksaw/portable welder beats out my glock hehehehe.
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