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sungsung said:
i just done stupid thing. i accidently forget to unlock my disc lock. is there any reminder to solve this problem??
Easy, don't use one. I mean c'mon that is about the most worthless deterrent for a bike thief. You might as well get a fake flashing LED and that may even scare them off more than a disc lock. 90% of the time they just pick the bitch up and throw it in the back of a van/pickup. It isn't doing anything better than what your steering lock is doing.

On the other hand I have a super thick Motorcycle chain/lock (I forget the brand - you can only get a key copy made with your serial number) I tie to my bike and my trailer if I have to leave my bike on my trailer overnight at a hotel. Still not 100% proof but I'd like to see what hacksaw/portable welder beats out my glock hehehehe.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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