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DIY- Awesome Stock Exhaust Mod!!

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DIY- (SOUND CLIP ADDED) Awesome Stock Exhaust Mod!!

Alright, I'm a poor college kid, and as much as I would love to have a new slip-on exhaust, I just simply can't afford it right now. So in order to get rid of the quiet sewing machine noise. I decided to do a little modding. After a little chopping, cutting, welding, and painting, this thing has been given new life. It sounds like a slip-on and looks better. I may have gained a pony or two, and I'm only out a couple bucks. So those of you in a similar situation, here are some pics and explanations of what I have done. I may have a little trouble with the pics, so please bear with me. I've never uploaded them before.
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So here is the sotck one, and I have it cut up to show the 3 chambers that the muffler has. Air goe from 1 through a pipe to 2, then back to 3, and finally makes its way out.

Erm, image isn't show up?
The 1st attachment is a pic of the muffler cut in half. On the left half side, the hole on the right is the one that we cut. It is about 3 inches or so in diameter. This lets the air not build up in the 1st chamber, and lets it just come out.

The second two are just more cross sections.

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do you have pics of the finished product?
Here it isafter it was welded back up and painted.

Once I get it mounted back up I'll do a sound clip and post it. I already mounted it quick before painting and it sounds pretty mean. By the way, I took this to a local muffler shop and had them chop and weld it. They did it for a couple bucks. Also take note that the guy at the shop said that the metal the muffler is made out of is pretty cheap stuff. So if you are going to weld this yourself, you may want to start at a really low temp, or else it will burn like you are trying to weld paper.
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Cool!, i was going to do this (this summer), but found a great deal on a Slip-On so i didn't bother...

Good Job
Pics dont work...
did you mig or tig weld it??? looks like you got a gob of mig at the top in the middle up there... I might consider doing this... is there any reason you didn't cut it at the factory weld spots at the front and rear???? It looks good though..
Thanks! Here is a sound clip for you guys. Sorry the video is tilted the wrong way, but it gets the job done.

Click here to watch Mod-1

I think that they mig welded it, but I am not positive of that. I could have grinded the weld down, but I decided to leave it that way. The reason that I cut the can where I did was because I wasn't really sure of what was inside. From looking in the end I could tell that that space was lacking of anything too important. You could probably cut it right in front of the last factory weld on the can before it starts to decrease in size and be just fine. It would probably turn out cleaner that way. Thanks.
So did you just cut one of the tubes inside of the pipe or how did you actually go about this after you cut the pipe in half. By the way, props man, takes a ballzy dude to cut their pipe in half. Did you hear about this procedure from someone or something? I was actually looking to do the same type of thing with my oem exhaust but ended up getting a Yosh. The stock exhaust don't have much raor to er'. I'd be really interested in hearing a clip if you have one.
that doesn't sound too bad at all axio, I think it sounds quite a bit better than it comes from the factory. The only thing I am not sure that I like is in the video it sounds kind of raspy.
sounds really raspy... I love raspy... but it's pretty high pitched too... either way thats an awesome job for free... did you just cut out all the junk on the insides??? I'm seriousely considering this if I can get a hold of an xtra can... got access to a tig welder and a plasma cutter...
Thats sounds alot better than the stock exhaust. What did you do to the inside.
The pipe is somewhat raspy and it is much deep on the low end, then it gets higher as you get up on the RPM range. Keep in mind that the sound clip/video was done on my point and shoot digital camera, so in person it sounds a bit better.

All that I did once it was cut open was make the hole that you see in red. You could make bigger if you want, or just remove the entire back wall. If you wanted to you could also close off the two holes in blue, and cut the uncircled one shorter. Then you would elimate using the front chamber altogether. I'm not sure how that would effect sound though. It probably would make it louder. Obviously don't cover the yellow hole, that would make you very unhappy as it is the outlet.

I hadn't heard of other people doing this exactly. I have read where people drilled holes through the outside of the exhaust, or through the plate without cutting it open. My concern with doing it that way was having loose junk rattling around in my can, plus I couldn't have made the hole as large as I did. The whole thing, after the pipe was off the bike, took maybe 2 hours max.
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i am a lil confused why you didnt cut it by the end more? but awsome job bro and im glad you saved some loot.
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