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DO NOT hack up factory harness to connect incompatible turn-signa lights!!! Instead, convert generic aftermarket lights to use correct Sumitomo connectors like original lights. No hillbilly hacking of wires, twisting them together and covering with electrical tape!!! Do it properly with original OEM connectors for direct plug-n-play installation.

Get 3-way connectors here: Sumitomo HC 050 Unsealed Motorsport Connectors - Corsa Technic
Diodes here: 1N5408 Diode | Jameco Electronics

Diodes provides one-way current-flow to create an OR circuit. So when either running/marker line has power OR winker circuit has power, then bulb will light. Wire them up like this to connect 2-wire winker-lights to 3-wire Honda harness. Diodes isolates 2 power-circuits to prevent back-flow of power to other circuit and prevents running/marker lights from lighting up turn-signal indicator on dash. Be sure to measure harness-connector to determine which terminal is ground, running/maker-light and winker-light.

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