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Made this out of three 2x4x8s to help secure my bike in my truck bed. The bike will stand on its own in the chock; used a couple ratchet straps and cam buckles to tie it down once in the chock. Worked well for almost a 2000 mile round trip. Once strapped down, pushing left and right on the bike actually moved the truck suspension but not the bike itself.

All the pieces are secured with 2.5 inch deck screws. Measurements for the pieces are going to vary depending on the width and height of the truck bed. Cut mine for the exact width of my truck bed so it wouldn't move left to right. Set the width for my wheel at 4.75 inches (very slightly wider than 120mm front tire). Mitre cuts for supports on the front and sides. Measured the height of my bed and cut the vertical pieces to size so that the cross support on top just rests on the lip of the bed.

Anyways, very easy to make, did the job well, and definitely won't break the bank. Got to admit though this was not my idea. Saw it on You Tube and made just a little alteration or two, thought someone else may be interested...

Pic in thumbnail below:


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