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DMV Question

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My license plate got stolen off my bike (cough, cough) :idea: :roll: and I am in the process of getting a new one. My question is how do I get another inspection sticker for the plate. Live in NJ obviously. Also, what would you suspect the fees would be for all this.....


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They will prob make you go through again knowing the dmv here. When mine was new, I was suppost to get the 4 year sticker, the boneheads insisted that you only get that if you bought it out of state. "Buying in state gets you a 2 year sticker", like that makes any sense. They have the info at their disposal yet insisted that was the deal. I`ve been trying to speak with someone at dmv about getting another sticker, they just keep saying "go through again". When I remind them that the bike is no longer NEW all I get is a "huh?" Idiots!!!

I am done venting now.
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