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I didn't look at the M3 PDF file but I'm sure the following will do:

<b>Dealer Invoice Report</b>

<b>2004 CBR 600RR</b>

<b>List Price: $8599</b>

<b>Dealer Invoice: $7439</b>
Dealer invoice price includes $130 freight charge for shipping from the manufacturer to the dealership.

<B>Assembly Cost: $32</b> per Honda dealer pricesheet
Each dealership has its own method of figuring cost of assembly and preparation for sale. There is no reimbursement by the factory for this cost to the dealer.

<b>Ready to sell cost: $7471</b>

<b>This model Honda motorcycle has 5% (of List Price) dealer holdback. </b>
This holdback money is paid to dealers in April or October for units that are sold to U.S. residents within the previous 6 months. Dealers must pay Honda the full "Dealer Invoice" price and wait 1 to 6 months after selling the machine to receive their dealer holdback.

<b>Wholesale Incentives</b>: none for this model.

<b>Retail Incentives</b>: none for this model.

The "Ready to sell cost" is the cost of the machine sitting on the showroom floor with NO PROFIT to a dealer. Dealers do not stay in business very long by selling machines for no profit.

Many dealers charge additional fees for "Freight and Setup" over and above the selling price of the machine. Add the "Selling Price" to the "Freight and Setup" charges and subtract the "Ready to sell cost" to determine the PROFIT a dealer is asking to make.
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