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done for now

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Looks good.
Don't stop now! You still have to do your calipers, case covers, fork tubes, and levers. :D
Looks great man, pull those reflectors off though.
Nice looking bike! I agree with Tim, shouldn't stop now. Maybe do a little at a time. BTW what's up with the missing bolts. I would get some black ones to add a little contrast in the red areas. That's just my .02, but like I said bike is looking clean.
Looks good. I'm digging the de-badged look.

+1 to adding black levers and case covers to finish it off.
Looks great man, pull those reflectors off though.
:+1:.....reflectors need removed.
Nice bike bro. +1 don't stop now.
He said for "NOW"..... :retard:
true, true. i'm done for NOW aswell. untill witner that is. muahahahaha.....
He said for "NOW"..... :retard:
gorgeous! :love:
thanks guys. i gotta get a bolt set, going to paint em black. next winter is prolly gonna be little aibrushing, forks and engine covers. reflectors r off lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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