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Fair warning all, don't deal with Hyperflo exhaust systems. I purchased a set of headers from them and didn't realize that they were for non-ABS model. It's my fault for not realizing that and I know that. But I sent an email back to the owner, Sam, and asked if I could please return them for a proper set, no go. I then asked if he had a set of front pipe ABS assemblies (and I would keep and use the collectors and final pipe assembly) that I could trade back the non-ABS front pipes and I'd even pay a fee to do so. Uh uh. Radio silent.
When I went on the website, I saw no stock available for any brand or size of bike, so I assume that he unloaded these and just doesn't want anything to do with them anymore. Probably a last set or something and doesn't want to deal with them. Anyhow, after trying to work something out, I've now decided to just let anyone know that may have to deal with or is thinking of dealing with Hyperflo, don't. IF you get something from him and it doesn't work, he won't do anything to help or offer a solution. He'll just keep your money and essentially tell you it's now your problem.
His ebay user name is extricated_281 and his name is Sam. When you paypal, it does come up as Hyperflo. IF you have any of these pop up when you're preparing to pay. Then stop, don't throw your money away.
6 years ago, I purchased an Akrapovic system and it was not fitting to my old YZF, I called Akrapovic and they told me to ship it back. No problems, they then identified a mis-bent pipe and sent it back to me now perfectly bent and installable. That's customer service in my books.
It's too bad, the Hyperflo headers are very nicely built, but if a customer makes an honest mistake and just want's to exchange for the right item, why is that so wrong.
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