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I just bought a 2005 CBR600RR with 49,000 km from a guy in Toronto. The bike had obviously been dropped and was in rough shape but it ran smooth, sounded good and ripped hard with brand new tires and sprockets so I picked it up. I rode the bike about 5 times and then it started leaking oil during a ride from the drive sprocket and got all over my tire (lucky I noticed or I was going down). I took the bike to a shop and the conclusion was

- oil leaking from behind drive sprocket, removed drive chain and sprocket, found oil seal was pushed out from bearing failing, bearing is part of output shaft and engine would have to be removed and split to change shaft and bearing, estimated 22 hour labour. -

i will update with pictures of the old engine once it is removed. The bearing behind the drive sprocket was clearly destroyed and at least 3 bearings had fallen out.

I am curious what would cause this to happen, from what I could tell the bike ran ok before this, I have also never been on a CBR until I bought this one so I have no comparison.

I have already purchased a replacement engine with 55,000 km for $1,000 CAD from a verified seller on eBay and it should be going in next week. Any info on what was wrong with the other engine would be great, it will be sitting in a shed for spare parts regardless.
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